Celebrating Tony Award Winner Hugh Jackman on the Stage

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Written by: Playbill Staff

Hugh Jackman, who started off his career starring in a series of stage musicals in Australia and in London’s West End including Beauty and the Beast, Sunset Boulevard, and Oklahoma!, celebrated his birthday October 12. He made his Broadway debut and won a Tony Award playing Peter Allen in The Boy From Oz in 2003, earned an Academy Award nomination as Jean Valjean in the 2012 film version of Les Misérables, and has hosted the Tony Awards four times. He was last seen on Broadway in The River.

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One Year Later: Paul Reekie Remembered

October 2 marks the one-year anniversary of the tragic, untimely death of music director Paul Reekie, 48, whose South Florida theatre legacy of about 15 years’ worth of work on dozens of area musicals, concerts and cabaret shows came to a sad end following an accident in his Boca Raton home.

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The Carbonell Awards Adapt to The New Era

After a long pandemic intermission, the theatre season is getting back into swing, and as of today, October 1st, the Carbonell Awards’ eligibility period has officially begun as well. But, after four theatres withdrew from the awards and 11 more signed an open letter calling some of their practices into questions, they aren’t quite back to business as usual. After discussions with a special committee of theatre professionals, several changes were made, which were first announced publicly at a Town Hall about two weeks ago. 

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The Seth Trucks Story

Not every actor gets to clash sword-to-sword with Zorro; perform all the works of William Shakespeare within a single stage production; endure torture at the hands of a dystopian ecosphere’s evil dictator or create the character of a vain, pompous steward in a Shakespearean comedy while, at the same time, directing the show.

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“Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold” 

I grew up really believing in that one line from a Girl Scout song. Believing that IF I was able to remain friends with the people I grew up with, while also expanding my circle by making new friends, that I would have all the silver and gold one could get. However, the older I got, the more I realized this one-liner expresses a nice ideal of an ever-expanding circle of friends, but ideal is not reality. Not for me anyways. I know that’s not the case for everyone and that sometimes friendships do turn out the way the song intends, and I commend those whose do, but my experience within friendships is not the same. This doesn’t mean I have had friendships end in tragic ways each time, though. Most of the ended friendships I’ve had have fallen victim to the unavoidable result of growing up and growing apart. Of course, I’ve had a few friendship breakups that were more traumatic and ended in blocking each other on all forms of social media and well, life. But every friendship I’ve had at every stage of my life, has made me the person I am today. Luckily, I have lost more friends due to growing apart than any sort of betrayal or falling out, but the constant change of friendship happens to majority of people during their lives and that’s just that.

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