An Interview with the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Tracker – The Now Suspended Twitter Account that had over 500k followers

There has never been a more important case & trial and there has never been a media more silent than today. This month’s blog could have been a number of topics filled with my very typical positive perspective, optimistic relationship and life advice, or stories of me and my family’s past… and since it’s a New Year and the end of the holiday season, the options were pretty much endless… but I decided against it and I quite literally am choosing to write the complete opposite of my usual pieces. 

Not that my usual is bad or wrong, every piece is very much a revelation of my heart & mind and I can only hope my writing helps even one person; however, amidst everything going on, for once in my life it feels very wrong for me to try and be positive. 

There are topics in this world that have absolutely no silver lining, no positive perspective possible, and absolutely destroys and devastates lives, not to mention is proving itself to be way more common amongst our leaders and elite than we ever could have realized: pedophilia, sex trafficking, and child sexual abuse material. After following and speaking with the Child Rescue Coalition, a nonprofit organization based in Boca Raton, FL that rescues children from sexual abuse by building technology for law enforcement, free of charge, to track, arrest and prosecute child predators, certain terms like “child pornography” are actually factually incorrect. It is not “child porn”, because it is not and can never be consensual – it is child sexual abuse material. In a featured article on the Child Rescue Coalition’s website, it educates us on this very topic, “We believe the use of language is important when protecting children. For publications and content which we control, we choose to use language which more accurately reflects the suffering of the children we strive to protect in collaboration with law enforcement.” 

Years ago, when I first learned about these issues, I couldn’t even believe it was real. I truly couldn’t wrap my mind around how this is even possible and how it could ever be normalized, I thought we all would universally agree that harming or sexualizing a child is unacceptable. Harming or sexualizing any person is unacceptable. 

But it is very real. 

About 3-5% men have pedophilia. 3% of the male population is almost 120 million men. Meaning, in the low estimate, that 120 million men in this world are pedophiles. 

An estimated 200,000 American children a year are at risk for child sex trafficking. That is just American children. (For reference, there are 73 million children in the USA.) We can imagine how high that number grows internationally and it increases even more when you consider ALL individuals who are trafficked, not just children.

It is absolutely one of my passions to help in any possible way I can to any victim of this trauma and abuse – especially our children. Like many that want to stand up for this cause, you may feel like you don’t know where to start or how to help. The absolute least I could do is use my small platform to speak up, or I should say “write up” about the absolutely horrifying injustice that happens to our children and our youth.

For years, I have been following the cases surrounding Jeffrey Epstein, the American financier and sex offender, and Ghislaine Maxwell, his partner-in-crime British, socialite girlfriend who recently was found guilty by the jury in a Manhattan federal court. 

I talk about it with my friends, my boyfriend, my sister, even my coworkers, but it just didn’t and doesn’t feel like it’s enough. Like I said, I really believe this is the most important case and trial of our lifetime and can open the door to so many revelations around our leaders, entertainment industries, and more. So, naturally, I put on my little detective hat and went to work on how I can turn this into one of my monthly blogs. 

Through my friend and coworker, I discovered the Twitter account @TrackerTrial that had over 500,000 followers and was covering the case hour by hour, day by day, and even writing articles so the public could stay informed. Every morning, I would check the account for updates, and one morning I discovered it had been suspended. Luckily, I had subscribed to their Free Press Report and found out Twitter had suspended their account without any reason other than they wanted to silence them. As we know in the past year, this is nothing new by big tech. I immediately followed them on their only other social media platform, @nancytracker on Instagram, and unfortunately, they have been suspended on Instagram as well

A screenshot of the Trial Tracker Twitter account that had over 500k followers and is now suspended.

I quickly realized how big of a deal this is. 

I also quickly realized that silencing anyone or anything will backfire tenfold. 

I not only needed to follow them and the updates surrounding this case, but I wanted to interview this person behind the account and spread awareness to the situation and the trial. 

And here we are. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing the number one Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Tracker, originally known on Twitter as @TrackerTrial and on Instagram as @nancytracker before the accounts were suspended, and the author of a Free Press Report found here:

This interview took place in December, right before the verdict was announced. As stated, Ghislaine Maxwell has been found guilty on five counts.

A screenshot of the Instagram account @nancytracker that is now also suspended.

Q: First of all, why did you decide to track this case on a public level? Also, do you want to remain anonymous for this interview?

A: I decided to track the Ghislaine Maxwell trial because I didn’t see many media companies, if any, tracking it. I saw an opportunity and ran with it. Almost immediately my twitter account blew up. I went from zero to a few hundred thousand followers in a few days. And yes, I need to stay anonymous for this interview.

Q: How important would you say this case is especially on a national and global scale? 

A: I would say the Ghislaine Maxwell case is extremely important. There are a lot of powerful players involved with Epstein and Maxwell that could get brought down. It is one of the few global cases where a variety of ultra elite from around the globe are likely in fear of having some justice brought to them.

Q: Why don’t you think people are paying close enough attention and why is the media not mass reporting on it?

A: I think there are a lot of people trying to pay attention to the trial but there just isn’t global media coverage like other well known cases. Cameras are not allowed in this trial which hinders how much media attention the case will ultimately get. In addition, no matter how crazy it sounds, it appears as if big tech is suppressing information flow on the case. My account was the biggest global feed of the case by a long shot and it was taken down by twitter in a couple of weeks. I have heard zero information from Twitter on why they shut me down.

Q: What do you think will happen at the end of the trial? Will Ghislaine Maxwell be found guilty? Will she serve time?

A: I think Ghislaine Maxwell will be found guilty and spend the rest of her days in prison.

Q: So far, have there been any new claims made in court about Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein?

A: So far there have been zero new claims made in court on Epstein and Maxwell that were not already known to internet sleuths. No new names have been brought up despite the vast network of players involved with Epstein. There have been some additional images of Epstein and Maxwell together, but that is it. 

One of the newly released photos of Maxwell and Epstein shown in court this past month.

Q: Personally, it is really difficult for me to wrap my head around how a woman could do this and be involved with such evil. How could a woman be involved in this? And why? What do you think the ultimate goal for Ghislaine Maxwell was during all of these years with Jeffrey Epstein?

A: I think Ghislaine loved Epstein and would do anything for him. Sexual predators and psychopaths exists from both genders.

Q: So far, what do you believe is the most important revelation of this case in court?

A: Nothing in this case has had any important revelations. It has been a disappointing case to say the least. A cut and dye approach. 

Q: Who are some unexpected high profile figures that have been tied to the case that the public and most people don’t know?

A: Alec Baldwin was a surprise individual tied to Epstein and Maxwell. He appeared in both of their black books. When the case started he deleted his Twitter account which was pretty interesting.

A photo of Alec Baldwin’s contact listed in Maxwell and Epstein’s notorious black book. Baldwin deleted his Twitter the day the Maxwell trial started.

Q: Who do you think was the most compellinginteresting witness on the prosecution’s side? 

A: Jane was probably the best witness on the prosecution’s side. She provided the most detail about the case along with a compelling witness testimony. Virginia Giuffre would have been a great witness to bring on the stand if she was able to join in the trial.

Virginia Giuffre is an American-Australian campaigner to support sex trafficking victims. She is one of the most prominent victims of the sex trafficking ring of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and was not allowed to testify in Maxwell’s current trial. (Photo is from FOX 9 News).

Q: How do you think the victims should be rewarded and honored due to the pain and trauma they were caused? Is there a correct way to move forward?

A: I’m not sure I am the best to answer how the victims should be rewarded or honored. I think the best way would be through justice and a fair trial. 

Q: I was a follower of your Twitter account that had over 500k followers and was suspended. Did you expect that high following to happen when you started the account? Did you ever get notified as to why exactly it was suspended?  

A: I have run multiple twitter accounts in the past and know what works and what doesn’t for engagement. I thought the account would blow up but not in the way that it did. I was never notified why the account was nuked. I have filed multiple appeals with Twitter and have not heard one word from them.


It is time to speak out about the victims of Epstein and Maxwell, and anyone and everyone involved in the Little Black Book and beyond, including the Royal Family, Hollywood, politicians and the elite.

We should not and will not be silenced. 

It is time to save our children – our boys and our girls of today, our men and our women of tomorrow. 

To stay updated on the trial, Subscribe to the Free Press Report here:

To check out the Child Rescue Coalition and all their incredible work, go to: @childrescuecoalition on InstagramFacebookTwitter or their website

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