The word transition is one with many meanings. A word that can be used positively or negatively. A word that can mark a great time in one’s life, or a time of stress, confusion and even loss. A word that can be synonymous with change, making it a common occurrence- for many of us, anyways.

We have all dealt with some type of  transition in our lives, whether it’s a move, a graduation, a new job, the list goes on. There will be numerous times in our lives where these transitions occur, sometimes even multiple simultaneously. For me personally, I believe that I have been dealing with transition after transition within these past six months. 

I have been living with a boy in an apartment for six months now, which is a constant negotiation of living space, household duties, financial planning, and of course a lot of fun. However, these six months have flown by and sometimes I find myself driving to my parents  house in Plantation after work, and quite literally almost miss my exit. Every time. Without fail. Even though it has been six months, I still feel that I am in the transitioning phase of moving out of my parents house for the first time and being an adult on my own… I mean I blew the fuse out with my vacuum the other day at my apartment and instead of Googling how to fix it, I did the best thing (and probably least adult thing I could do) by calling my dad. 

Apartment views <3

A second transition I have been dealing with in the same six-month time frame is becoming a pet owner. I have not one, but two kitties. I am now a “mother” with the responsibility of taking care of two small, live animals (Bean, 7 months and CJ, 3 months). Having pets that I am the sole-responsible person for is probably the biggest transition I have had to deal with. Growing up, I had the greatest Golden Retriever, but I was not the only person in charge of her (the Golden’s) life. I was one of five who had to make sure she was fed, walked and bathed. Now I am one of two individuals taking care of the Kitties, including all of the financial responsibilities that come with owning a pet(s). I know cats are the easiest animal (besides a fish) to own, because they basically take care of themselves. They stop eating when they feel full, they don’t need to be walked, they take themselves to their litter box when it’s time to go, and they just lay around and want to cuddle. As easy as it is though, it’s still a big deal to be responsible for another life (human or not) and let’s be honest, animals are people, too. 

CJ (Colby Jack) & Bean

Working in the entertainment industry that is Theater, is a job where you must excel at wearing many hats. Dates change, pandemics happen, changes in employee turnover, and everything else I have forgotten to list. It’s a job where you plan ahead to prepare for any potential problems, additions, and/or changes. I think my brain thrives off of the excitement of never knowing exactly what could occur at a live event or just everyday at the office. Recently, I have transitioned into new positions at work. Yes, you read positions plural, correctly. I am taking on new tasks and responsibilities, I am allowed ample creative freedom both in and out of the office, and I am continuing to grow my skill-set and network as I take on bigger titles and more important duties.  

Although these are all positive transitions that have allowed me the best opportunities for growth and success, it is still sometimes difficult to navigate and wade through all of the adjustments happening simultaneously. Sometimes I’m scared it will all build up at once and leave me in a sweaty pool of stress and angst. But, that really hasn’t been the case. Each day is an opportunity to better myself both personally and professionally, all the while allowing me to be more comfortable and confident during my many transitions. Even though it all may seem like too much sometimes, one constant that always calms me during times of transitions is remaining grateful and taking each opportunity- for a lack of better words- by the balls.

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