The Arsht Center shares a “Best Long Form Music Video” nomination as associate producer of Siudy Garrido’s documentary “Bailaora – This is my voice”

Miami, FL – September 30, 2022 – The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County (@arshtcenter) is pleased to announce its first Latin GRAMMY®  nomination (@LatinGrammys). The 2022 nomination, in the “Best Long Form Music Video” category, recognizes the Center’s collaboration with extraordinary Miami-based flamenco artist Siudy Garrido (@siudygarrido) on the documentary “Bailaora—This is my voice.” Other nominees include superstars Rosalia, Romeo Santos, Natalia Lafourcade and Vetusta Morla.

 Garrido made her Arsht Center debut in 2012, shortly after emigrating from her native Venezuela. In 2018, recognizing her incredible talent and commitment, the Arsht Center offered Garrido and her dance company its support as an ongoing arts partner. Since then, the Center and Garrido have co-presented 7 productions enjoyed by 10,000 guests and collaborated on this award-nominated film, which was shot in part at the Arsht Center.

“Nurturing artists, especially those in our own community, is integral to the Arsht Center’s mission. This international recognition is proof positive that supporting artists leads to bold, innovative work – and we’re proud to have played a role in that. Congratulations to Siudy and her wonderful team,” said Liz Wallace, Arsht Center vice president, programming.

The compelling documentary “Bailaora—This is my voice” was directed by award-winning director Pablo Croce, this being his fifth nomination for the coveted gramophone. The documentary features unpublished and exclusive scenes in a follow-the-artist style of narrative elaborating on Siudy Garrido’s creative process, together with composer Juan Parrilla and Manuel Fernández, delving into the complexity of creation when the “dancer and choreographer” needs to be, first, a musician in the process.

Poster for Bailaora- This is my voice – Courtesy Croce Films

“We are most thankful, this nomination would have not been possible without the support of the Arsht Center making us Arts partner at the time we needed help to create Bailaora in 2019.  Work that speaks dearly about flamenco in an inclusive and universal perspective.”

Siudy Garrido is nominated in a second Latin GRAMMY® category – Best Recording Package –  making her the first Latin American flamenco artist to achieve these nominations.

Pablo Croce said: “Siudy is an artist of great capacity and talent, who has secured a voice in the world, overcoming pre-established paradigms. This is precisely what the documentary talks about!”

The 60-minute documentary also depicts the hard work of the Siudy Garrido Flamenco company ballet dancers from Cuba, México and the United States, including Daniela Rosi, Analí Alcantara, Orianna Torres, Carolina Torres, Andrea Gonzalez, Anabella Amanau, Victoria Torrellas, and Tania Kuri. The film features musicians Juan Parrilla, Jose Luis de La Paz, Adolfo Herrera, Manuel Gago, Manuel Fernández, Ismael Fernández, Manuel Gamez and Yiyi Orozco.

The documentary will be available on digital platforms, while it runs in selected movie theaters.


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