I’m going to make this brief – 

It is 2022, and Anna in the Tropics by Nilo Cruz has been banned by the Miami Dade County  Public School System, prohibiting any schools from taking their students to experience this  Pulitzer Prize winning play. 

This unwarranted act of censorship is something that one would hope we had grown out  of, but as the world has shown us, nothing is safe. 

For however long art has been recorded, there has been censorship of it – from the  Comics Code Authority formed in 1954 to the belief that video games incite violence and the  complete ban of contemporary literature all over the world. It comes from a place of fear, a fear  of someone speaking up about something that might not be deemed “appropriate” when the truth  is that if art can’t strike up those important conversations, then what can? Are we as a people  meant to only discuss sensitive subjects behind closed doors so that no one may hear them,  leaving thoughts and ideas to never grow and change? 

Theatre has been pushing against what makes us “comfortable” since its inception, with a  member of a Greek chorus stepping out to speak up on their own. The whole idea of theatre is  something that pushes against what is “appropriate”, because instead of creating that boundary of  a screen, page – there is no distance, it stands in front of us, feet away as it dares to ask us how  we feel and what we think. 

With this new wave of censorship across the country, the only thing it succeeds in doing  is turning back the clock on the artistic growth of our civilization. It stifles voices that have been  long muzzled and have finally been given the opportunity and bravery to stand up and tell stories  of the unheard.  

In a city like Miami you wouldn’t think that the banning of artistic material would be a  concern – a city built off the backs of the exiled and the oppressed in hopes of no longer being  silenced and yet here we are… with a play about Cuban immigrants being pulled away from a  community with a large Latinx population.  

I said I would make this quick so here it is – the restriction of art does not protect the  people, in fact it hurts them as they then go out of their way to uncover the truths that were  hidden, instilling in us the belief that those stories should never be explored and never be seen.

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