Miami Based Writer and Director Paul Louis Produces Film About Adolescent Depression and Teen Suicide

From award winning South Florida Actor/Writer/Director, Paul Louis, comes the film, “Army Men”.  The dramatic short film is based on a true story about Louis’ childhood friendship, which ended in tragedy. “Army Men” tells the story of a middle aged Miami based artist who returns to the tough battlefield of his childhood neighborhood in Queens, NY, only to be haunted by the memories of his late best friend. 

Louis says it’s a story of friendship, loss and regret, and hopes to bring awareness of mental illness, especially in children. 

“I usually create film and stage projects consisting of puppets and funny songs, but for this one, I wanted to create a piece that gets people talking, even if it’s about some pretty uncomfortable things. In the 1970’s, we didn’t speak about certain things in our families. I think brutally honest dialogue is so important for healing, recovery and managing mental illness. 

Currently shooting on location in New York, and part of it shot in Miami, Louis has cast a talented ensemble of local South Florida actors, including Justin Sims and veteran character actor, Elizabeth D’Onofrio in the leading roles. 

Louis’ previous films have played in several national film festivals. They include, “The Rican-ing of White Boy” (Audience Choice Winner) and “Duddlington the Different” , a short film musical about a little elephant on the autism spectrum. He’s also the co-author of the 2015 Off-Broadway musical comedy, “Real Men”, and the creator of the former nationally syndicated children’s TV series, “Jelly Bean Jungle”

Louis is also producing the film on his own, and has recently started an on-going online fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. Several members of the South Florida theater and film community have contributed, including well known playwrights, composers, and mental health professionals.  

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