South Florida Theater Enthusiast on Mission to Move the Miami Arts Scene to Center Stage

Benjamin León IV is a man on a mission.

His ultimate goal? “To elevate South Florida’s theater and arts scene to national and international prominence.”

Just who is this 23-year-old dynamo who harbors such an intense love of theater and a drive to upgrade Miami’s performance capability?

Well, Benjamin León IV, better known as “Benji,” the founder of Loxen Productions in Miami, grew up in the streets of South Florida. He graduated from Westminster High School and earned a business degree from Florida International University.

He comes from a prominent family. His grandfather founded Leon Medical Centers and his dad continues to run the firm.

Benji is working to make a name for himself in the theater field – and the effort is succeeding. He has already created his own production company and co-produced a Broadway show that earned a Tony nomination.

His acting troupe has notched several significant triumphs. He is currently the lead character in Loxen’s fourth production, Young Frankenstein, and the performance company is already mapping future performance plans that include musicals, dramas and a variety of other shows.

Youthful and energetic, Benji has plenty of energy and time ahead to “foster and nurture the talent and theater community” — which is the essence of his “mission.” 

“I love South Florida and, since it’s the gateway to Latin America, I think there are enormously talented people living here who just need a chance to shine. Given the proper time and platform to develop, there is no reason why Miami cannot compete with New York or Los Angeles.

After launching Loxen Productions in 2018 and making a splash on the local theater scene with its first show, In the Heights, the actor, director and entrepreneur made his Broadway debut as a co-producer of the Tony-nominated revival of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street starring Josh Groban last February. 

Benji said Loxen’s performance of In the Heights was initially presented at his alma mater, FIU. The show gained such positive attention that the Arsht Center picked it up for a run at that theatrical venue.

While the show was playing at the Arsht, Benji became friends with a Broadway producer who invited him to New York to help work on Sweeney Todd.  The friendship is still strong and Benji works with and gets tips from his Big Apple buddy.

León IV got his start and developed his acting bug around age 15 while performing at Miami Children’s Theater “where I was in a bunch of shows, at least 15. I also performed in high school and at theater competitions.”

“I fell in love with theater,” he said. “When I graduated high school, I stopped acting for a couple of years. Then, I fell in love with it again. My feeling for stage art was reignited.”

He went on to create Loxen Productions. “It wasn’t easy,” he admitted. “But it started to grow – and the team got bigger and bigger.”  

Loxen Productions, which followed its initial performance of In the Heights with Cabaret and Little Shop of Horrors, is an all-South Florida-based company “with a mission of promoting and finding the untapped talent in the area and attracting audiences that would otherwise go elsewhere for the arts or not go at all,” he said. 

He described Loxen Productions as “a trailblazing theater company dedicated to highlighting the exceptional talents of South Florida’s local artists. The company serves as a beacon for artistic brilliance, fostering Miami’s cultural renaissance and uniting audiences with the soul of the city’s creative tapestry.”

Benji’s theatrical unit has just launched its latest project, a production of Mel Brooks’ classic musical comedy, Young Frankenstein, which opened Oct. 13. “The latest Loxen production guarantees an enchanting blend of humor, singing, dancing, brilliant performances, and stunning stagecraft,” Benji said.

Benjamin León IV (“Benji”) is shown in his starring role as the eccentric Dr. Frederick Frankenstein in the production, Young Frankenstein.

“I grew up watching Mel Brooks’ work,” said the local theater maven. He decided to bring Young Frankenstein to Miami to share with local residents, many of whom have not been exposed to the crazed mind of the man who created such shows as Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, Spaceballs and other wild titles.

Performances are scheduled Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. with matinees on Saturdays and Sundays at 2 at the ARTime Theatre, 900 SW 1 St., Miami. Ticket prices range from $25 to $75, and are available at

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