About Us

South Florida Theater Magazine features a cast of brilliant writers who have one main thing in common – they love theater!

Created specifically to be the premier online magazine for theatre lovers in South Florida, we promise to connect readers to the stage and to each other with features and news stories about what happens onstage, backstage, and in the wings at all your favorite venues.

Our primary mission is to connect our theater community with a powerful online magazine and social media presence on a daily basis and to bring fresh insight to both casual and avid theatergoers.

Each month, our team of writers will deliver content to you that will include long-form news and feature stories, local reviews, insider blogs and personal stories from actors and theater fans, compelling videos, and striking images from shows all across the Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade area. We will also feature stories from Broadway and around the U.S., on a daily basis on our website so you can get all your theater news under one roof.

Finally, we are developing a robust Audition and Education section that we hope will be the go-to place for actors to see all these announcements on one website.

South Florida Theater Magazine aims to be your daily website for all things theater-related. A crisp, clean website that you look forward to reading every morning or evening to catch up on the latest theater news.