All music and painting submissions:



All auditions for Main Stage plays will be held at the Delray Beach Playhouse at 7:30 PM. Prepared monologues are welcome, but not necessary. For further information, go to or call 561-272-1281.


A Play by Bernard Slade

Auditions: February 2 and 3

(1 Man / 1 Woman)

 (Rehearsals for the show will begin on March 21st.)



Submissions: Empire Stage is looking for new plays for production and co-production. If you have a play you’d like us to consider, please email us cover letter outlining your writing background, along with a brief synopsis of the play and the first ten script pages. We’ll let you know if we think it might be right for us. Empire Stage is focused on clever comedies that can be produced for a reasonable budget, so it’s unlikely that we will want to produce your adaptation of Tess of the d’Ubervilles unless it can be performed by two men with a trunkful of costumes. You get the idea.



Company Overview

Related Southeast is the brain, heart and soul of Rosemary Square. Just as Rosemary Square is transforming the Downtown West Palm Beach, Related Southeast is reimagining community. We are a collaborative force driven by expertise, ingenuity and passion. We pay attention to our tenants and guests in a way that shatters tradition. We understand who they need us to be and where they need us to be, even before they do. Equipped with an ever expanding range of amenities and resources, we strive to help our tenants be productive and happy. Wherever we are today, we are committed to be in a better place tomorrow. Where do we draw the line? We don’t.

Role Summary

The Brand Ambassador is the associate in charge of greeting, welcoming, and assisting employees, tenants, owners, guests, and visitors to Rosemary Square and all Related Southeast properties; they set the tone of the experience each customer is going to have as they cross the property’s threshold. The Brand Ambassador post is positioned strategically throughout the Rosemary Square neighborhood to best serve the customers who visit and experience it. The post may be in the plaza of their specific building, when the weather allows, or right inside the revolving doors of their lobbies during inclement weather. Other posts are in our Guest Services center and The Square.

In addition to setting the tone, brand ambassadors curate experiences for our customers, weaving together meaningful activities based on what they have learned during their interactions with guests.  This is why we LOVE actors, as you are able to use your skills to transport the customer and create a one-of-a-kind experience for them. The brand ambassador is responsible for driving foot traffic into our properties, generating interest in our retailers and the product and services they offer, making dinner reservations, speaking about featured artists, securing ground transportation to and from The Square, and for following up with customers as they conclude their visit. In short, brand ambassadors are the first and last team member every customer encounters as they enter and leave the neighborhood.

Currently seeking: Part Time (up to 28 hours) Brand Ambassadors

Availability: Evening (until 10p) and Weekend, flexible schedule possible

Pay: Based on experience/ availability, $18-$20/ hour