Going #FULLOUT with Tony Award Winner Jerry Mitchell

From a peaceful small town located in the heart of Michigan’s Grape Country to the exhilarating streets of New York City, Jerry Mitchell always knew he wanted more. Mitchell’s love for theater began at age 10 where he grew up singing and dancing at his local community theater, Paw Paw Village Playhouse. His talent and determination was clear to see, but his love for dance quickly flourished. Between the ages of 14 to 15, Mitchell was already choreographing and assisting for shows at his community theater and high school. Fast forward to 17 years old, Mitchell was accepted to the Conservatory Program at Webster University in St. Louis. This small town boy was finally getting his big city dream.

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do with Barry Pearl and Christine Pedi

South Florida Theater Magazine interviewed the cast of Breaking Up Is Hard To Do showing at the Wick Theatre.

This smash hit musical celebrates the timeless songwriting of the legendary Neil Sedaka! Our host, Jessie Dez, spoke with Barry Pearl, who everyone remembers as Doody in the smash movie blocker Grease and Christine Pedi, Broadway star and Sirius XM radio host of On Broadway. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do runs for 5 weeks only – April 21st to May 15th, 2022 at the Wick Theatre! Tickets available at
https://ci.ovationtix.com/35559/produ… https://southfloridatheater.com/
Host/Editor: Jessie Dez

Pretty Woman: The Big New Musical!

South Florida Theater Magazine is LIVE at The Broward Center for the Performing Arts at the Opening Night of Pretty Woman The Musical!

If you think you loved the movie, wait until you see it live on stage! Based on one of Hollywood’s most beloved romantic stories of all time, Pretty Woman The Musical is sure to light up your heart. Pretty Woman will run from May 4-15 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. For tickets visit
https://fortlauderdale.broadway.com/s….If you like this video, like and subscribe and visit us at https://southfloridatheater.com/
Editor/Multimedia Journalist: Jessie Dez

Reviews… We Love To Hate Them

It’s just another show day as I sit in my dressing room. Our room is filled with laughter and music as we get ready for our show. It’s one hour before show time and emotions are high. We are in the middle of a run and I feel really good about my performance and show so far. Our stage manager calls five minutes to sound check, then SUDDENLY, someone yells, “REVIEWS ARE IN!” Anxiety, excitement, and fear are the three emotions that come to mind. Did they LIKE me? Did they HATE me? Did they NOTICE me? I think to myself… oh gosh, this is my first big lead and these reviews could make or break me. What if I get a horrible review, will I ever be cast again? Or am I finally going to be recognized for all of my hard work? Should I read this before my show? Probably not the best idea because it might mess with my performance… but one little peek won’t hurt. 

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Wigs vs. Natural Hair in Theater

Welcome to my first official “Off The Record” blog, written by me, a fellow actress and friend. This blog will provide a free space for actors to share their thoughts and opinions about the theater industry. Each month there will be a question or topic posted on my personal instagram (@jessie_dez) where actors can anonymously take part while having their identities protected. As an actress myself, I want to give my theater community a place of no judgment and no matter what your opinion is, just know I will understand where you’re coming from. Just as you confide in me, I will confide in you and if you’re still skeptical then let me earn your trust. Again, this is a safe place for all of  YOU, my lovely theater community.  

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Frozen Arrives in South Florida

The national tour of Frozen has officially arrived to South Florida! South Florida Theater Magazine is at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts where Frozen will be performing shows from March 9 to March 20. Make sure to grab some tickets at www.frozenthemusical.com/tickets for a truly spectacular show.

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To Swing or Not To Swing? ‘Disney’s Frozen’ Dustin Layton and Jessie Peltier Discuss the Thrilling Ups and Downs of a Life of a Swing

To swing or not to swing… that is the question. Broadway claims that swings are the most in-demand performers in the industry, yet there seems to be a lack of them. Why is the most in-demand role in theater struggling to find actors to fill them? The answer is intimidation. This job is not for the weak, it is made for those looking for a thrilling challenge. 

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