“Beehive” Will Transport You Into the Era of Peace, Love and Giant Hair-do’s!

If you decide to walk into the theater at Lake Worth Playhouse, make yourself comfortable in the seats as you sip on a drink, and wait as the lights go up, you immediately get transported to the era of love, peace, and hairspray. From Aretha Franklin, to Leslie Gore, Beehive The ’60’s Musical, directed by Carl Barber-Steele will have you dancing, clapping and singing along with the cast. To songs many of you have grown up listening to.

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Island City Stage’s “Pageant” Will Have the Audience in Tears

Contestants enviously welcome last year’s Miss Glamouresse on stage, moments before finding out whether they’ll be crowned as the new winner. 

If you are looking for a hilarious and suspenseful way to spend your night, then buy yourself a ticket to Pageant at Island City Stage. As described on their website, this show can most definitely be described as “A Miss America Competition Meets RuPaul’s Drag Race!” Not only will this show have you invested in every character and secretly wishing for your favorite to win, but it will also have you gasping for air from all the laughing you’ll be doing.

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