The Cancellation of Lauren Fein by Christopher Demos-Brown. A world premiere that on the surface, the title alone tells you what the play will be about – for those up to date on cancel culture and everything around it. There is no doubt that this topic is something that should be explored, a complicated subject that deserves to be talked about, dissected, and analyzed because it is a difficult one to understand and come to terms with. Christopher Demos-Brown has started an important conversation with this play… but maybe this wasn’t the way to go about it.

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New Year, New Play From LakehouseRanchDotPNG

With only 2 weeks into 2024, LakehouseRanchDotPng kicks off the new year with an insightful new play; PUSH. by Mackenzie Raine Kirkman. Directed by Artistic Director Brandon Urrutia, this new play takes on the age-old issue of divorce – the failing of a relationship and what it means for each person. 

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Thanksgiving Play Review

The Thanksgiving Play by Larissa FastHorse is the first play written by a Native American playwright to make it to Broadway – and there’s no surprise as to why it did. It is a satirical comedy that shines light not only on the ignorance of the majority in the country, but it also shines a light on the unfortunate truth within the education system when it comes to the Thanksgiving mythos. The GableStage production, directed by artistic director Bari Newport, brings this much needed piece to the South Florida community in a way that easily could’ve fallen flat, but instead stands proudly on two feet running in the right direction.

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It’s rare to see this kind of work within the South Florida Theatre community. Work that not only challenges the traditional, but also yells from the void to be seen and heard – and it is new and young companies like True Mirage that are a part of lifting up local voices that usually remain unseen.

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‘Plague Play’ Review, a Theater Up to the Challenge

South Florida Theatre is undergoing a change… or at least that is what the evolving audience should hope for. 

With smaller companies like LakeHouseRanchdotPNG, that change is at its most present. Having just made it to their second season, this small but growing theater company is still making strides in going against the grain that is South Florida theatre. They do this by not only choosing experimental and absurdist plays for their season, but by operating as a playwrights theatre, something you don’t see enough of within the community. All of their work comes from new, exciting, and challenging playwrights – a mission that not only expands the outreach of the community, but in a way might also alienate certain audiences… and maybe that’s okay.

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‘REFUGE’ Review

As the play starts, lead by Krystal Millie Valdes, you can already tell something is different. Not only is this performer giving some sort of house speech, but she’s doing so while accompanying herself on guitar and switching back and forth between English and Spanish – letting us know right out the gate that this play  is not like most we have seen in South Florida. 

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Aiming High and Almost Hitting the Mark in ‘Defacing Michael Jackson’

This is not a musical about Michael Jackson.

That might not seem like something that needs to be said but, even the mention of Michael Jackson could lead others to expect some grand musical odyssey through the life of the King of Pop. While it isn’t a play technically about him, the playwright Aurin Squire has put together a coming-of-age journey that uses Michael Jackson as a metaphor. This world premiere play focuses on a group of friends, the main and only members of the Opa-Locka Michael Jackson Fan Club, and their hopeful attempt at creating the perfect mural of their musical idol. 

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20 years later Anna in the Tropics is as impactful and important as it was when it first premiered.  Nilo Cruz now takes the play that earned him the first Pulitzer Prize awarded to a Latino  playwright and gives it a new life with his directorial vision in focus.  

Miami New Drama’s anniversary production breathes new life into this poetic work with  aesthetics to match the language itself. Originally premiering at New Theatre in Coral Gables,  Miami New Drama brings the play back to a familiar home of South Florida with Cruz at the  helm, filling each moment on stage with the lyrical nature of his words. 

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“American Rhapsody” An Epic Journey of a Play

“I see America as an epic poem… volumes long.”

With this singular line, Michael McKeever, the playwright of American Rhapsody opens and summarizes the entirety of the play. In Zoetic Stages current world premiere production, directed by Stuart Meltzer, America is observed through the lens of one family spanning 63 years. This family is a representation of the country as a whole as you go from decade to decade, historical event after historical event…

In other words, it is a story of epic proportions. The task of touching on so many things can be daunting to most artists and yet McKeever tackles it head on. With Meltzer at the wheel the play is given a poetic life that compliments the epic poem it is so modeled after, taking us on an ambitious journey.

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