Comfort in the Constants

JULY- one of the hottest months of the year in Florida that marks the middle of the Summer, tan-skinned, a break from school, and many beach Days. For many people, I am sure July brings some anxiety just by the sole fact that it is included in the Hurricane Season, while also being a month that brings people joy due to the Hallmark channel playing Holiday movies all month long to celebrate the manmade “Christmas in July”. For me, July has become a big month over the years, especially July 2022. This is not for any reason in particular or a month that marked significant change, but a month that recognizes a lot of constants in my life- and celebrates them.

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The word transition is one with many meanings. A word that can be used positively or negatively. A word that can mark a great time in one’s life, or a time of stress, confusion and even loss. A word that can be synonymous with change, making it a common occurrence- for many of us, anyways.

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Reviews… We Love To Hate Them

It’s just another show day as I sit in my dressing room. Our room is filled with laughter and music as we get ready for our show. It’s one hour before show time and emotions are high. We are in the middle of a run and I feel really good about my performance and show so far. Our stage manager calls five minutes to sound check, then SUDDENLY, someone yells, “REVIEWS ARE IN!” Anxiety, excitement, and fear are the three emotions that come to mind. Did they LIKE me? Did they HATE me? Did they NOTICE me? I think to myself… oh gosh, this is my first big lead and these reviews could make or break me. What if I get a horrible review, will I ever be cast again? Or am I finally going to be recognized for all of my hard work? Should I read this before my show? Probably not the best idea because it might mess with my performance… but one little peek won’t hurt. 

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One Year Later

I guess it’s true what they say, time really does FLY when you are having fun. 

As I sit here and try to reflect on the past year of South Florida Theater Magazine and life in general, I have trouble wrapping my head around the fact that it really has been a full year.

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Wigs vs. Natural Hair in Theater

Welcome to my first official “Off The Record” blog, written by me, a fellow actress and friend. This blog will provide a free space for actors to share their thoughts and opinions about the theater industry. Each month there will be a question or topic posted on my personal instagram (@jessie_dez) where actors can anonymously take part while having their identities protected. As an actress myself, I want to give my theater community a place of no judgment and no matter what your opinion is, just know I will understand where you’re coming from. Just as you confide in me, I will confide in you and if you’re still skeptical then let me earn your trust. Again, this is a safe place for all of  YOU, my lovely theater community.  

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Growing Pains

Growing up it seems like anyone older than you, even slightly, reminded you to live in the moment and not wish your youth away. Every birthday card was signed with a message consisting of “life goes faster than you think”. Though on the contrary, and speaking from experience, in your youth all you want to do is be older than the age you are.

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