Mastering the Mundane

Life can be pretty mundane sometimes. 

I know, my pessimist is showing. As a glass half full kind of girl, I truly don’t mean to start this blog off on such a negative tone. Although, I do feel like sometimes you get so caught up in and concerned with your day-to-day life that the days become ordinary and practical. It seems that this is a feeling most people, if not all, can relate to- especially adults. The older I get and the more time I let pass in the mundanity of it all, I realize the only way to bring excitement to your live is to actively seek it out. 

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Something Witchy This Way Comes…

Well, you know what people say. It’s all fun and games until somebody murders a king. Ok, maybe that isn’t quite what they say; but I am quite enjoying my time in rehearsal for another of my favorite Shakespeare plays (which I do, admittedly, have a lot of): good old Macbeth. And, as ought to surprise absolutely noone, I find myself cast as one of the three witches that appears to the title character and forever alters his fate. Typecasting, amIright?

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Mind Over Matter

In the blink of eye July has ended and August has begun. As time flies by, people like me are attempting to keep up with the fast-pace of the world while also simultaneously  trying to get ahead of the curve, and remembering how important it is to slow down and take time for yourself. Trying to do three conflicting things at one time proves to be a bit difficult. Imagine playing catch up, working to get ahead and also remembering to take a  pause all at the same time. You probably do it, too, without realizing it. Sometimes it’s better that way.

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In between

I was listening to my music on shuffle the other day while driving and I came across an older country song that I hadn’t heard in a few years. Instead of pressing skip, like I normally do if I can’t sing a-long word for word, I decided to give the old song a re-listen. Wow, am I glad I did. It may sound dramatic to some that a song, or lyrics in a song, can resonate so personally to different individuals lives. But, that is definitely the reason I love music as much as I do. Anyways, as I was humming a long to the tune I really listened to the words and it got me thinking. 

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Somehow, in the blink of a bloody eye, I’ve found myself at the end of yet another month. Having survived acting in one play and then been cast in another; having briefly disappeared to Manhattan for a New York minute and returned both enlightened and inspired and in some ways even more confused. I’ve also, weirdly enough, in my search for some sort of clarity or direction as the swirling elements of my life keep stubbornly failing to coalesce smoothly, found myself getting into astrology; and thus wondering if all the ups and downs of my life lately can be at least partially explained by something called a Saturn Return. 

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My Midspring Madness

According to my latest calculations, I can never rest.  

If you’re wondering why I have been absent from this “blog” segment of the site since this past December, it’s because I haven’t exactly had time to breathe. Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration—but I have, indeed, been busy. Like, going straight from the rehearsal period for one play I’m acting in straight into another, while also trying to adapt to my new job at ASC, while also trying to keep up with my NCP dramaturgy and miscellania, while also continuing to compulsively cover every production that comes my way—not, mind you, because anyone is making me, but because, especially for the smaller shows, if I don’t cover them, then it often seems likely that no one will. Out of some bizarre sense of duty—or maybe just a fear of ever letting anyone down. 

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Agents vs Agencies

There comes a point in every actor’s life where they start thinking about getting an agent. Or is it a talent agency? They might sound like the same thing, but they are not. A talent agency is a business that represents and finds entertainment gigs for hundreds, if not thousands of actors in their database. Whereas, an agent is someone who exclusively represents you (and maybe a few others), but they are personally invested in your talent and your success. So which one should you get? Well, that’s up to you! But here are a few things you should know about each in order to make your decision.

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The Best Day

In today’s world, there’s very few things that bring large groups of people together. There’s a few obvious reasons for this. A worldwide pandemic that instilled fear and discomfort into all Covid victims and Americans becoming more divided than ever before from increasingly strong opposing political and social views. However the things that do bring people together, especially in large groups, are so much more special because of their rarity. 

Taylor Swift, the universally loved and multi-Award winning talented singer/songwriter  is one of those aforementioned things that can bring a large group of people together. And by large, I mean over 70,000 people. Together. At the same time. 

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The “7 Friendship” Theory

The “7 friendship” theory has existed for well over a long time, but thanks to the biggest social media platform TikTok, it has become a new trend for users of the platform to create and share the aforementioned viral videos. You usually learn about friendship statistics and theories in philosophy class by a philosopher who focused their efforts on studying friendship patterns throughout History. I did at least. But, it wasn’t until a 60-second slideshow put to fun music featuring the seven types of friendship, that I learned what the “7 Friends” theory  was. 

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