An Unconventional Solution To Social Isolation In Tracy Jones

While the idea of a character being on the search for themselves is a pretty classic one, few characters have taken the concept as literally as does Tracy Jones, the protagonist of a play of the same name currently on view at Island City Stage until this June 18th. Described as “a comedy about friendship, connection and chicken wings,” the show comes to ICS as part of a rolling world premiere, after previous stops in Rochester, NY and Williamston, MI. It takes place at a party thrown by said protagonist, to which she has had the bright idea of inviting every other woman named Tracy Jones in an attempt to alleviate her crushing sense of loneliness. 

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Pillar of Palm Beach County Alexander Dreyfoos dies at 91

Originally published on WBPFNews
Written by: Steve King

Palm Beach County cultural and performing arts spearhead Alexander Dreyfoos has died at the age of 91. Now, community leaders are remembering Dreyfoos for his far-reaching impact on the county. Philanthropist Alexander Dreyfoos died peacefully on Sunday at a senior living retirement community in West Palm Beach. He was 91 years old.

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Miami City Ballet’s ‘Entradas’ Showcases Great Ballet

To end its 2022/2023 season, Miami City Ballet closed out with Entradas, a performance dedicated to the pioneers of American ballet, with choreography from renowned choreographers like George Balanchine. Not only did this concert show what the company is made of, but where it came from, and that’s my biggest takeaway. First premiering at the Kravitz Center in West Palm Beach on Friday, May 12, South Florida Theater Magazine caught its final show at the Arsht Center in Miami on Sunday, May 21.

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Delray Beach Playhouse Announces its 2023-2024 Season

Written by: Carol Kassie

The Delray Beach Playhouse has announced its lineup for 2023-2024, and once again, the venerable venue promises a season of exciting, eclectic, and engaging programming sure to entertain its long-time patrons, and to attract new audiences to what has often been called the ‘gem of a theatre on the shores of Lake Ida’. 

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Questioning the Princess Complex The Hilarious Way With ‘Disenchanted’

Whether you’re a dedicated Disney fanatic or a dedicated Disney detractor, you’ll probably find plenty to enjoy in Disenchanted, a raunchy send-up of princesses new and old that will be playing for only one more weekend at the Kravis Center’s Rinker Playhouse thanks to MNM Theatre Company. Brought to you by your “hosts,” Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty, the concept of the show is that it is a revue a gaggle of Disney princesses are putting on to express their dissatisfaction with the way they are portrayed in the famous films. And they’ve also got a few objections to the oppressively narrow standards of behavior they are expected to adhere to, from keeping their “cherry intact til marriage” and waiting until they find their prince to come to being left behind to do keep up with housework while the men go off on all the real adventures.

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LOVING AVERY: A Musical Salute to Avery Sommers

Marjorie Waldo, President & CEO of Arts Garage, today announced a very special upcoming concert: LOVING AVERY: A Musical Salute to Avery Sommers to be headlined by singers Rob Russell and Anthony Nunziata—along with special guests Copeland Davis, Patty Chamberlain, Tony Siders, and Meri Ziev, backed by Music Director Phil Hinton (piano) with Frank Derrick on drums and Val Shaffer on bass. Sponsored by Legends Radio 100.3 FM, this one-night-only, entertainment-packed benefit will be held on Sunday, July 23, at 7 pm.

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A Compelling Search For ‘Proof’ At Actors’ Playhouse

If you’re someone who’s always taken your own sanity for granted, you may be blessedly unfamiliar with some of the emotions explored in Proof, which poses, for its main character, the compelling and unsettling question of whether she is losing her grasp. Now playing at Miami’s Actors’ Playhouse, this 2001 Pulitzer Prize winning play by David Auburn is, if not a terribly iconoclastic choice of work, still one that gives audiences a good deal to consider.

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All the Lonely Tracys

Written By: Mindy Leaf

When playwright Stephen Kaplan was fresh out of college, he wrote the first draft of a comedy about loneliness and the universal longing for connection called TRACY JONES. He cites the famous Beatles’ song “Eleanor Rigby” as inspiration, and if you listen carefully, you can find a few insider references in his show. Fourteen years would pass till Kaplan took up the play again, in 2018. And, like another famous Beatles’ song, it would all fortuitously “Come Together,” culminating in a third Rolling World Premiere Production in 2022/23. 

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