Omigod, now Omicron?

As if life hasn’t been difficult enough with the 20-month lockdown we endured due to the COVID-19 pandemic and additional stresses from the Delta strain that followed, now area theaters and their audiences are bracing for what challenges the new Omicron variant of this insidious virus will bring.

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Muddled But Moving ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Emotionally Explores A Complex Dilemma

TW: Mentions of suicide

What is there to say about Dear Evan Hansen? Probably, not a lot that hasn’t already been said somewhere on the internet, considering both the show’s popularity and the intensity of the discourse that has surrounded it. After premiering on Broadway in 2016, the show won six of the nine Tony Awards that it was nominated for, including Best Musical, but has since suffered somewhat of a backlash after a widely critically panned movie version cast somewhat of a different light on its source. 

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The Elizabeth Price Story

Elizabeth Price has been an actor and director in theatre and film in Los Angeles, New Orleans, Dallas, Austin, Atlanta and New Mexico. But since earning her Master of Fine Arts degree in Acting from Boca Raton’s Florida Atlantic University in 2014, she has called South Florida her home and main artistic venue.

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