The Producer’s Desk

the producer's desk

COVID-19 was a life-altering event that took us all by surprise. Many people responded by adjusting financial plans, cutting down on everything, and making tough money decisions. Fear took hold for the vast majority, and the instinct to fight, or take flight, permeated all areas of our lives.

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Theatre Meets Podcast In “Little Montgomery”

The quick pop-up pop-down nature of most of the super-cool virtual theatre that has been happening also isn’t conducive to written reflection. An adaption of a play into a podcast series has the benefit of being a permanently available object to direct my attention. Fort Lauderdale company, New City Players, has also thought of a way to maintain the “shared experience” aspect of theatre in a safe and contactless way by holding an in-person listening party for their play-turned-podcast Little Montgomery this coming Saturday, November 14th.

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Some Wheely Good Fun At “Helen On Wheels”

Pigs Do Fly Productions continues its sixth season with Helen On Wheels, a play by Cricket Daniels that first produced in 2014. The company’s unique mission is to show that over 50 can still live their lives in interesting, involved, and exciting ways and showcase performers over 50 in the process.

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