Friendships that Shape a Life Movingly Explored in ‘Middletown’

Middletown by Dan Clancy, which was first staged shortly before the pandemic, has arrived at Miami’s Actor’s Playhouse, as part of a rotating-cast tour co-produced by GFour Productions. This unapologetically sentimental show takes you on “the ride of your life,” at least as its roller coaster tagline would have it. That ride, though, is less a thrill-packed shocker than a mostly-comforting coast through two couples’ relatively average middle class lives, which they happen to be living in Middletown, New Jersey. 

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Stunning ‘To Fall in Love’ at Theatre Lab Embraces Intimacy

What does it really mean to fall in love? If you’re anything like the main and only two characters of Jennifer Lane’s To Fall In Love, Theatre Lab’s long-delayed post-pandemic offering, it means, or at least meant, being able to fill the “black hole” of your heart’s neediness with affection, being passionate enough to write hundreds of poems for someone, or feeling so strongly about someone that you can’t imagine being able to so much as survive without them. 

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An Earnest Attempt To Update ‘The Importance Of Being Earnest’

The Lake Worth Playhouse is at it again with a production of the 126-year-old Oscar Wilde classic The Importance Of Being Earnest. Director Daimien Matherson has put a modern spin on the famous farce by setting the production in today’s South Florida rather than 1890s London and by casting a non-binary female-presenting performer as protagonist Jack “Ernest” Worthing. 

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