Simple Self-Promotion Tips for Creative Professionals

By: Davis Jameson

Earning a living in a creative field is still as challenging as it has ever been. But the good news is that much more technology is available to help professionals like yourself promote your creations and build your brand.

To be an effective self-promoter, you must develop a reputation as an expert in your industry and interact regularly with your customer base. In other words, you must move through your fear, believe in your work, and put yourself out there. Below, South Florida Theater discusses some tried-and-true self-promotion tactics for creatives!

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Growing Pains

Growing up it seems like anyone older than you, even slightly, reminded you to live in the moment and not wish your youth away. Every birthday card was signed with a message consisting of “life goes faster than you think”. Though on the contrary, and speaking from experience, in your youth all you want to do is be older than the age you are.

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Frozen Arrives in South Florida

The national tour of Frozen has officially arrived to South Florida! South Florida Theater Magazine is at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts where Frozen will be performing shows from March 9 to March 20. Make sure to grab some tickets at for a truly spectacular show.

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To Swing or Not To Swing? ‘Disney’s Frozen’ Dustin Layton and Jessie Peltier Discuss the Thrilling Ups and Downs of a Life of a Swing

To swing or not to swing… that is the question. Broadway claims that swings are the most in-demand performers in the industry, yet there seems to be a lack of them. Why is the most in-demand role in theater struggling to find actors to fill them? The answer is intimidation. This job is not for the weak, it is made for those looking for a thrilling challenge. 

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Eat, Drink, & Be IRISH

As you may or may not tell from my name, Bridget Leigh Callinan, I come from a mostly Irish heritage, with a little mix of Irish-English in there. My mom, Norma Jane O’keefe, comes from a complete Irish background and my dad, Richard William Callinan’s, ancestry comes from an Irish-English background. The picture below shows the family tree from my fathers side, further proving my love for the Irish culture. I don’t know if my love comes from the knowledge of my ancestry, the Americanized St. Patricks Day holiday, the accents, or the drinks (snakebites, and Irish-car bombs).

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Girlfriends: A Different (But No Less Important) Kind of Love

Somewhere along the way after rewatching my absolute favorite show, Sex & The City, for probably the tenth time now (I wish I was exaggerating), and the excitement of the newest part of the franchise And Just Like That (the revival that aired Dec. 9th)… I couldn’t help but realize I haven’t yet written about my girlfriends. And what’s a better time than the month of love? Girlfriends, although a different kind of love, are no less important than any other relationship. As Mr. Big famously said about his beloved Carrie to her best friends, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha, 

“You three know her better than anyone, you’re the loves of her life. And a guy’s just lucky to come in fourth.” 

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Flashy Fifties Fun In MNM’s ‘Grease’

It’s good to see MNM Theatre Company back in business. Now having moved from its former location at the Kravis Center’s Rinker Playhouse and set up shop at the Lauderhill Performing Arts Center, the company makes a priority of casting Florida-based actors in its high quality productions, a welcome policy when some of the other bigger and flashier companies in the area are wont to bring in out of towners. 

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Omigod, now Omicron?

As if life hasn’t been difficult enough with the 20-month lockdown we endured due to the COVID-19 pandemic and additional stresses from the Delta strain that followed, now area theaters and their audiences are bracing for what challenges the new Omicron variant of this insidious virus will bring.

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