The Niki Fridh Story

Lots of people spend years wondering if they’ve chosen the right career path in life.

Niki Fridh isn’t one of them. “I’ve never questioned my decision to be an actor,” said the brown-eyed, brown-haired performing artist who has trod a vast expanse of proscenia since arriving in South Florida – with acting on her mind and in her heart — some 25 years. 

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An Interview with the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Tracker – The Now Suspended Twitter Account that had over 500k followers

There has never been a more important case & trial and there has never been a media more silent than today. This month’s blog could have been a number of topics filled with my very typical positive perspective, optimistic relationship and life advice, or stories of me and my family’s past… and since it’s a New Year and the end of the holiday season, the options were pretty much endless… but I decided against it and I quite literally am choosing to write the complete opposite of my usual pieces. 

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Omigod, now Omicron?

As if life hasn’t been difficult enough with the 20-month lockdown we endured due to the COVID-19 pandemic and additional stresses from the Delta strain that followed, now area theaters and their audiences are bracing for what challenges the new Omicron variant of this insidious virus will bring.

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