New Year, New Changes

After a long-awaited month, I am back with the third and final part of my move-out journey series that has been the main subject in my life since August. I started this exciting series with a positive outlook on growth and change in Part One, continued Part Two with the less fun details of preparing for a move, and now we are at Part Three which is a reflection post move-out. I write this blog as I now sit in my fully furnished apartment, looking out at my view of the sunset and silhouette buildings, all whilst cuddled up in a furry blanket on the couch

January 15, 2022 is the date that marks the start of it all. Not only was I turning 24, but it was also the day that I finally made the move out of my comfort zone, which is my parents house, into a new  apartment with my boyfriend. Move-out day leaves room for a lot of emotion, especially when throwing a birthday in the mix, but what better way to grow up than by making a drastic change on the first day of my 24th year!  Not to mention, sharing a move-in date with a birthday meant I get to spend the day with the people I love, which is all anyone ever wants on their birthday, right? 

Happy birthday to me!

I had originally recruited my sisters, their boyfriends (and their trucks), my parents, Matthew’s parents, and my Aunt and Uncle to help with the move. I know this sounds like a lot, but I promise the plan wasn’t to pack as many people as we can at once into my 788-Square Ft apartment, but to use all hands and cars available to make the move-in process go as smoothly as possible. The reason I say this is because as a first time mover, I didn’t predict the chaos that would ensue with my original plan and the many people it included, but my dad did! He made the quick, genius, and thoughtful decision to rent a U-Haul, which therefore eliminated the need to crowd the apartment and stopped the confusion of jam-packing 8 different cars with miscellaneous items in unlabeled boxes. After accepting the generous donation from my Father, we decided the best time to get the U-Haul was 9:30AM, leaving us one hour for packing and travel time before initial check-in at 11AM. I took a rushed and stressful drive with my dad to pick up the U-Haul, trying to hide my panic of arriving at the complex late for check-in, trying to avoid starting the day off on a negative note. After the U-Haul was secured, it took 3 million trips dragging furniture from the inside of my house to the massive truck (that could probably have fit my entire apartment inside of it), Matt and Jodi (his mom), My parents, and I hopped in our cars and caravan’d to our new place! 

Now, as an avid birthday lover I was anxious to make the day fun and not just a day filled with unpacking cars, building furniture, and cleaning. Which is why, with every trip taken three levels back down to the U-Haul, a beer was rewarded. It was 2:00PM by the time we were done unloading and my parents left to return the U-Haul, while the rest of us stayed in the apartment drinking beer, building furniture, and organizing the Kitchen (s/o Jodi for her organizational and kitchen expertise)!

First trip into the new place!

After hours of aforementioned organizing, AND I MEAN HOURS, I made the executive decision to take a much needed and well-deserved break. So, we all headed downstairs and walked across the street to Sistrunk Marketplace- my new favorite spot! Matt and I got really lucky because even though we couldn’t afford to live in a high rise on Las Olas Blvd, we live adjacent to an up-and-coming area that is home to a marketplace filled with a brewery, multiple restaurants, a boutique (that i’ve already spent too much money at) and TV’s to watch the games. My family and I made Sistrunk Marketplace our home that day. After finding seats for 10 at the bar, ordering food for 20, and receiving complimentary birthday tequila shots from the bartender we made sure to stick around for awhile. 

Everyone at Sistrunk 🙂

I think it was 10:00PM before we parted ways with Sistrunk marketplace and walked back to my complex. My Dad, Uncle Mike, Aunt Sandy, My sister and her boyfriend, my cousin Aaron and his girlfriend, Matt, and I all enjoyed each other’s company until they left me to enjoy my first sleep at my new place at 1:00AM. As you can see, we spent ALL DAY moving in. I know that was partly by choice, but honestly I would not have had it any other way. The amount of support, love, and excitement I felt for me from everyone all day was the warmest feeling. It’s hard sometimes to see how blessed you are, but in moments like these, where family and friends spend their limited weekends to break a sweat by helping out, I know how truly blessed I am. 


My fam and I on my Rooftop!

Sitting here two weeks after move-in, I feel happy. Of Course I miss seeing my parents everyday, bringing my dad a cup of coffee, laughing with my mom before 7AM, and eating dinners with them at home. But, if i’ve learned anything in these two weeks, living on your own makes those moments that much more special. It will take some getting used to until I am 100% settled in my new apartment, my new routine, and living with a boy, but I am so ready for what is to come. I feel happy that I finally have the support I have been waiting for, happy that I can take a 5-minute walk to grab a cup of coffee, happy that my work commute is shorter, happy that I have a place for friends to hang out, and happy with myself. I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in this process; for listening to me stress, for supporting me, for being happy for me, and for the advice. To my parents for supporting me both financially and emotionally, for being here for me, and just for everything. I would not be in the position I am in right now if it wasn’t for the endless love and support I have received thus far. I guess that ends the third and final part of my move-out journey. Wish me luck!

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