Foam Cannons, Bubble Machines, Human Water Fountains at Caraboom, in Downtown Miami, March 31-April 10

Imagine a car wash where no cars are washed. Where carwash mechanics as dynamics for drama! CARABOOM is an unexpected spectacle of silliness and physical poetry following the trials and triumphs of the Caraboom Family. Foam cannons, bubble machines and human water fountains immerse participants and passengers in a splash filled adventure!

There are honking concertos, microfiber dancing, and a catharsis for everybody.

Experience the show from our Boom Zones, Splash Zone or within the comfort of your car. March 31 – April 10, 2 Shows per Day, Thursday – Sunday 7 pm & 9 pm at the MDC Wolfson Campus, Lot 1 / 233 NE 5th St, Miami, FL 33130. For tickets, go to

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