Two Years Down…Many To Go!

This Month, February 13th to be exact, marked my two year “workiversary”. I had to read that a few times before it really sank in. I mean two years? Where does the time go? Even when the days feel slow, the weeks fly by. Then you blink and a year goes by.  Before you realize it, you are two years deep into your marketing career and absolutely loving your time doing it. 

So much has changed over the past two years. Me as a person, my job description, my overall responsibilities… I went from sitting quietly, taking notes in important meetings to holding important meetings myself. I went from being nervous to overstep where I don’t belong, to being excited to share my ideas with not only my superiors, but with my coworkers too. I mean I started doing marketing for one theater and now I help market for live shows for multiple theaters around South Florida, if that doesn’t show growth, I don’t know what does. 

For someone who started a job in the theater industry with a non-theater background I feel proud of myself for not only learning a whole industry but growing to appreciate the art of theater. At my job I am lucky that I get to see theater from all points. From watching actors rehearse to creating the artwork for a show. From seeing sets be painted, designed and built to even getting on the stage myself (It was for our work Holiday party, so I am giving myself a bit too much credit here).  From never seeing a live theatrical performance to being invited to see shows various across South Florida’s best theater venues! 

My singing debut

My workdays have typically all started the same these past two years, except for my ever-evolving morning routine. Other than starting a new workout program, Hotworx, I still wake up at 5AM, exercise, check my emails and slowly get myself prepared for the day ahead. Then, because I still haven’t surpassed my procrastination stage yet, I rush out the door and hit the express lanes until I arrive at the little hidden gem on Lake Ida (a place I owe a lot of thanks to), the Delray Beach Playhouse. Now just because my morning routines have not differed much over the years, my job certainly has. 

With Covid-19 decreasing attendance in the theater community I was able to ease my way into the job. With less events and patrons in the building I was able to really learn the industry and the venue at a comfortable pace. It took me awhile to get comfortable. Hell, I am still learning new things to this day. Within the past year though, especially this 2022-2023 season, the pace has picked up exponentially. I have marketed for over 60 shows so far this season and that does not account for the month-long runs. It’s been a lot of fun challenging myself to keep up with the quick pace and urgent changes that happen in this industry. Of course, I have had my challenges at times. Lack of creativity, feeling stuck on a tedious task, drama within the building, drama outside of the building, stress of almost missing deadlines, missing typos on important marketing materials. The list goes on and on, but the perks and enjoyments this job has brought me thus far is a much longer list. Friendships, knowledge, having a portfolio, a feeling of importance, a way to pay my bills, attending great shows with even better seats, meeting actors, writers and directors, selling advertisements, creating advertisements, making fun promo materials for numerous shows and working at a theater loved by so many for so many years (76 to be exact)! 

Crowded lobby before a Matinee!

I have worked hard these past two years and will continue to work that way throughout my career. The next two years seem far away. Who knows how much I will change? How much this industry will change? But what I do know, is that those two years will pass by way sooner than you think. Don’t blink! 

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