Dada and the Starving Artists

At first glance, Dada may seem like an ordinary house established in a Delray Beach neighborhood, but a closer look will reveal that Dada is anything but ordinary!

Dada’s exterior and outdoor seating.

Dada’s website explains:

“Dada, the restaurant opened in Delray in the year 2000 in one of the oldest historic homes in the city, the Tarrimore house (circa 1924) is listed as a historic site in Delray Beach. The eclectic interior and revolving artwork complement the creative cuisine, which is sustainably sourced. As the artist of the Movement, we have strived to create an environment that is original, unique and forces us to step outside the box. Dada is non-conformist. It allows our food, atmosphere, and staff artistic license, so to speak, to explore beyond the normal convention.”

While exploring Atlantic Avenue one evening after watching a performance at the Delray Beach Playhouse, my friend Kayla and I decided to go off the beaten path and stumbled upon a whimsical place called Dada. We chose to wander in and were promptly greeted by gracious staff and an enticing aroma. The restaurant was filling up quickly, but we succeeded in snagging a table.

The hostess situated us at a table underneath a massive oak tree with glowing blue lights hanging from the branches. Beneath the night sky and twinkling lights, Dada created an enchanting atmosphere.

Photo courtesy of @slcmarketing and @dadadelray on Instagram

Kayla and I quickly grabbed the menus, enthusiastic about placing our orders, with the hopes that the food will arrive more swiftly. There were copious options to choose from, but as artists, we thought it was simply proper to order two helpings of “The Starving Artist” (their four-cheese grilled cheese and tomato soup) and a side of truffle fries. I also elected to try one of their famous mojitos, the “Orange Crush.”

Photo of the Starving Artist. Courtesy of @happy_belly_food and @dadadelray on Instagram

To our surprise (and joy), our hopes were fulfilled when our food and drinks came promptly to our table. “The Starving Artist” looked delectable. The bread was perfectly golden. As I took my first bite, I noticed the ideal ratio of crispness and chewiness. All four kinds of cheese meshed together flawlessly. Dada provided the option of adding bacon, avocado, or short rib to our grilled cheeses. We unanimously opted for the avocado, which added the perfect touch. Naturally, I chose to dip my grilled cheese in my tomato soup, and it did not disappoint. The tomato soup added a fabulous hint of sweetness that created a distinct balance. Our parmesan truffle french fries played an excellent role as the sidekick to our sandwiches, with each bite containing crunchy flavor fullness. I finished my meal with my refreshing “Orange Crush” mojito and all of its citrusy glory. By the end of our meal, my friend and I were already planning our second visit.

Don’t let appearances trick you—the decor may be unique, but the food and the atmosphere are incredible. Dada is the perfect place for groups or a casual date night.

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