Comfort in the Constants

JULY- one of the hottest months of the year in Florida that marks the middle of the Summer, tan-skinned, a break from school, and many beach Days. For many people, I am sure July brings some anxiety just by the sole fact that it is included in the Hurricane Season, while also being a month that brings people joy due to the Hallmark channel playing Holiday movies all month long to celebrate the manmade “Christmas in July”. For me, July has become a big month over the years, especially July 2022. This is not for any reason in particular or a month that marked significant change, but a month that recognizes a lot of constants in my life- and celebrates them.

Before I was a young adult in the work force, I spent every July at Summer Dance Jam (the baton camp I grew up attending every summer, only to become a counselor for my last few pre-college years). We would attend camp during the same hours as we did school, before jetting off the last week of July for a week-long baton competition at Notre Dame, where we competed with people all over America. My mid-college July’s were filled with classes for the extra-long summer semester, accompanied by my part-time job as a Facilities and Events employee for the Athletic Department. My post-college July’s, and there’s only been two, have been filled with work, which I know will be majority of July’s for my adulthood life. 

Looking back at how those other July’s were spent over the years, I noticed a pattern of routine. For as long as I can remember, the month of July was spent doing the the same thing every year. Then, I repeated the pattern of routine by spending my college year July’s alike. Now, I repeat the same patterns of routine for a third time, by spending this July the exact same way is spent last July, working in the theatre and entertainment industry. Without even having to dive deep into the constants that occur this month for me, July itself has been a constant for so many years. 

The older I get, the more I appreciate the constants. I loosely explained this in my last blog…that there is comfort in the constant of change. July brings this feeling of comfort to me, helping me to stay balanced in a fast moving world. The constants I celebrate in July are my anniversary, family members visiting, the anniversary of my grandpas death, six months of apartment living, and the end to the second-year of a successful summer camp at my job. This year on July 22nd, and every year for the past four years, I celebrated my four year anniversary with my boyfriend, who I seem to somehow include in every blog, Matthew. We have spent it differently every year thus far, celebrating some years bigger than others. Whether it was road-tripping to Nashville, a nice homemade dinner, a day-cation, or taking the Brightline to West Palm Beach and pretending to be rich for the day, I always have a constant to look forward to. 

Pretending to be rich for the day!

My dad has an old friend from Ohio, where he attended Elementary to High School, until moving a few hours way to Dayton for college to play football. Every year during the month of July, this friend and his wife, who I now refer to as Aunt and Uncle, visit my parents. Without fail, they book a trip from Little Rock Arkansas to Plantation, Florida for a week every July to spend time not only with us, but in the Florida weather. As an avid-routine lover, I take joy in the comfort of knowing I will have the same have every July.

Non Florida visitors = Florida boat days!

The anniversary of my Grandpas death is not a joyful constant, per say. However, I do take comfort that every July there is one official day dedicated to celebrating my Grandpa. A day to call my cousins, my mom, and my grandma and cry-laugh about our favorite memories with him. 2022 marked the ninth year that he has been gone, and while nine years feels like a long time, the part that misses him will never lessen. It’s important to remember and honor the important people in your life and I have the comfort in knowing there is a specific day of remembrance for him. 

Favorite photo of my Papa and I

The other constants aforementioned above have become newer within the past year. Both my apartment and my job positions are just in the beginning if where I hope to be one day, but nevertheless, the place they are now brings me both joy and comfort. There are only 31 days in the month of July, allowing for  many new constants in my life in a very short span of time. This July was a month of happy tears, laughter, fun, and love. I can only hope next July brings this and more. 

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