The Little Things

In life, we usually focus on the big things. Whether thats a life change or a significant date, we choose to write about and discuss the important, major obstacles and events in our lives. 

If you’re an avid reader of my blog, or even if you have only read one of my blogs, there’s a big chance I wrote about those aforementioned big, important moments. Of course these moments are significant and even crucial for growth, but we can’t forget to remember the little things. The little moments that happen on a daily basis that bring us even a whiff of happiness or peace. Joy or laughter. A smile to the face. A moment that takes less than a minute, takes minimal effort, but can subconsciously have a big impact on your day. 

As fulfilling as it is to write about those major moments, it’s equally as important to take a moment, reflect, and appreciate all of those little things that can make or break our days, weeks, and months. For example, I am a coffee drinker. A big coffee drinker. Like 3-4 cups A DAY coffee drinker. So, a daily part of my routine is to wake up and drink my lemon water while I brew my coffee. The second the last drop of fresh coffee hits the carafe, the coffee pot is in my hands, the steaming hot coffee is immediately poured into my cup followed by a quick stir of my favorite creamer and a dash of cinnamon, and straight to the lips it goes. I could write a book about the feeling after that first sip of coffee. The sensation of the hot liquid that trickles slowly down, making your insides warm and fuzzy, while simultaneously giving your body the energy kick-start it needs for the day.  However, for some reason, I forget about that incredible feeling until I wake up and realize I’m out of coffee grounds.

It’s those moments I’m talking about. Those little parts of our daily routines that we have become so accustomed to, we take them for granted, only recognizing their importance when unavailable. When you take the time to focus on appreciating those “little things” in life, you learn to practice gratitude. You learn all of the truths and life lessons hidden in these small, mundane activities that contribute to our overall daily satisfaction. So, how do we change the narrative that our lives are based on the big moments versus the small ones? We become present. We think about every thing we are doing and recognize the feeling it brings us. We recognize the small moment of pleasure and appreciate it. We make others aware of the happiness the little things bring us. We teach others to appreciate their small moments in life to bring positivity into how many small things can bring happiness. 

When I take the time to write down all the small things, the list would be endless. Here are a few of the most significant, little moments that impact my daily life and mood.


  1. Coffee (Mentioned above, but important enough to mention twice) 

  2. Taylor Swift’s 10-Minute version of “All Too Well”

  3. The Express lanes on i95

  4. The feeling after a post-gym shower

  5. When my cats sit in the sink and watch as I get ready in the bathroom

  6. When a TikTok video actually makes me laugh out loud

  7. The Morning Toast Podcast

  8. Smiling at a stranger on the street

  9. Shaved legs and fresh sheets (is there a better combo?)

  10. Mastering a new recipe

  11. Stumbling upon an unexpected, but good sale

  12. Nice weather on the weekends

  13. The first deep stretch of the morning

  14. Talking on the phone on my way home from work (catching up with a parent, loved one, or friend).

  15. Pizza.

Significant events in our lives happen sporadically, the little moments happen every day. Focus on those moments. Live in those moments. Learn from those moments. Improve on those moments. Because as you get older and you look back at your life, you’ll realize that those “insignificant” little moments, were actually the big ones.

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