Time Goes On: The Power & Gift of One Year

This past year I’ve had the privilege to write about all sorts of topics on my blog, Unscripted. From my family history, mental health, the arts, South Florida, love, kindness, friendships and even an interview with the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Tracker… It has been a wild and sweet honor to be a part of South Florida Theater Magazine’s first year. 

It’s crazy and hard to believe how one year can fly by in the blink of an eye, but also take its time like a well-done film. I once heard the comparison of how small and insignificant the world is compared to the universe, but how big and important it is to all of us living beings. That’s the power and gift of one year. 

One year may seem like nothing at all in the span of a lifetime, but so much can happen. So much does happen. Even if we can’t remember it all or don’t want to remember it all, each year shapes who we are more and more. It gives us joy, grief, growth, laughter, tears, pain, opportunities, and of course – memories. 

Over one year ago, I was asked if I had interest in writing a piece for a new magazine. Work wise, it was my happiest and most memorable day. I felt like everything was aligning and my life long dream of being a published author was coming true! My inner child was hopeful and over the moon at this opportunity and naturally, I took it by the balls. 

Writing for South Florida Theater Magazine has given me great reasons to get back to my first loves of writing and reading! – I always say to be a good writer, you need to be a great reader. They go hand in hand and I love doing both equally. 

By writing you are able to give inspiration and teachings, while by reading you gain inspiration and lessons. In my eyes, they are two of the simplest joys that have been around since the beginning of time for a reason. 

Writing for an online magazine has made me more confident in what is on my heart and mind considering every month I have heard great feedback from people struggling with similar emotions or rejoicing over similar things. And as an avid reader, I love to do the same with other people’s work.

There are many cliches of bloggers and writers, but when all is said and done, it takes a lot of time and energy to put your soul on a piece of paper and reveal it to the world. It’s intensity at its finest, and any soul who gives that piece of paper a pair of eyes is what the intertwined worlds of writers and readers are for. One soul recognizing and connecting with another. 

If I’ve learned anything the past month and a half while struggling with my anxiety and bouncing from doctor to doctor (as explained in my previous blog) – sometimes it’s as simple as we really just need to know we’re not alone. And that time goes on. 

You can’t expect everyone to be there for you, and you can’t expect every day to be a good day. In fact, I learned the hard way that certainly most don’t show up at all in the ways that would bring you comfort and ease and reassurance. The truth is I had random nurses show me more love and empathy than some of my closest friends. 

As my Tata (the Polish word for dad) says to me, “Not everyone has the heart you have.”

You can’t expect what you want from others, or from time and life. You can hope, but you can’t expect. 

We are all flawed, just as I am deeply aware of my flaws and have made plenty of mistakes that I wouldn’t want to be judged for forever. 

Whether it be a good book, a great film, a sweet song, a kind letter, your therapist, even a blog post or a random nurse, there are people and precious things that will show up for you to make you feel whole again. 

Don’t lose your shine due to others or due to life. 

You’ll never get the time back. 

Choose to take it by the balls again. 

It’s worth it, and you’re never alone. 

Happy one year, South Florida Theater Magazine! & a big thank you to all of those supporting us on this mission to connect our theater community across South Florida. 

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