Simple Self-Promotion Tips for Creative Professionals

By: Davis Jameson

Earning a living in a creative field is still as challenging as it has ever been. But the good news is that much more technology is available to help professionals like yourself promote your creations and build your brand.

To be an effective self-promoter, you must develop a reputation as an expert in your industry and interact regularly with your customer base. In other words, you must move through your fear, believe in your work, and put yourself out there. Below, South Florida Theater discusses some tried-and-true self-promotion tactics for creatives!


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Create a Solid Structure

You can learn all the secrets and tactics for marketing your services and products, but without a firm legal and financial footing, you’ll constantly be vulnerable to setbacks. You must think like a business person, even if it doesn’t come naturally to you. The only way to keep doing what you love is to earn a living.

For example, establish a legal structure that protects you from liability and simplifies the tax filing process. Many entrepreneurs form a corporation when they want to scale their business by working with investors or hiring employees. Typically, it’s easier to transfer corporation shares than LLC membership interests, which can attract investors. Instead of spending time and energy on learning how to establish a compliant corporation, work with a formation service that can handle all of the necessary LLC Florida-related paperwork.

Modify Your Resume

Hopefully, you already have an online portfolio (and a physical one) for showcasing your best work. If not, creating a portfolio should be a top priority.

But you will also want to have a top-notch resume ready to give to potential clients and employers. Regularly updating your resume is critical to highlight your most recent experience, accomplishments, and skills. You can use a PDF editor to quickly make changes to your resume and share it with others. 

Build a Network

You’ll be halfway to being an expert marketer if you learn how to network effectively. Meeting new people is a big part of self-promotion, and the more people you meet, the easier it is to get your work discovered.

Take advantage of local, national, and international networking opportunities via social media, conferences, seminars, and workshops. And use a search engine to find fellow high school graduates you’ve lost touch with over the years. You never know which old friends and acquaintances could help you grow your creative business!

Update Your Website     

As we discussed, having an online portfolio that showcases your best projects is essential. Create a website that looks good, matches your visual identity, and allows users to quickly find the information they’re looking for.

It also helps to create SEO-friendly blogs, landing pages, and product pages. And make sure users can easily find your contact information. Remember that your website will be the central hub of all your marketing initiatives — make it stand out!

Explore Speaking Opportunities

Few strategies are more effective for promoting yourself than talking to a captive audience. Be proactive about seeking public speaking opportunities, whether it’s through association meetings, workshops, trade shows, or other events. Reach out to event organizers, provide your credentials as an expert, and request opportunities to speak.

Remember that speaking engagements are meant to inform your audience and market your brand. Focus on cultivating trust with potential clients and customers instead of selling products.

Promote on Social

Finally, promote your work and build a following on social media. Digital marketing is critical, and social media is the most impactful digital marketing channel today. 

Regularly post on Instagram, Twitter TikTok, Facebook, and other platforms to showcase your work and interact with your audience. But be tasteful. Posting multiple images and descriptions of your projects every day can come across as “spammy.“ Limit your posts to one or two a day, and occasionally share information about other creatives.

Yes, it’s hard to forge a fulfilling and lucrative career in a creative industry. But if you think like a business person and learn to self-promote, you’ll be well on your way to earning a good living from your passion. Just don’t forget to keep mastering your craft and challenging yourself to create new things!

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